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   Scientific Activity. In 1988 Selivanova, Ye.A. got her Candidate of Sciences degree in Linguistics, Speciality 10.02.02 − the Russian Language. Her thesis topic – “Functional and Semantic Characteristics of the Possessive Category in the Russian Language”. In 1997 she successfully presented her doctoral thesis: topic “Substantive Compounds in the Russian and Ukrainian Languages”, Specialities 10.02.02 − the Russian Language, and 10.02.01 − the Ukrainian Language. Selivanova, Ye.A. is a founder of the scientific school dealing with the problems of cognitive and communicative linguistics. Under her scientific advice 1 doctoral and 12 candidate theses were presented in the four philological specialities – Ukrainian and Russian Languages, Germanic Languages, and General Linguistics. She is an author of two fundamental encyclopaedia “Modern Linguistics” and more than 250 scientific works, which touch upon the problems of onomasiology, morphology, cognitive and communicative linguistics, text linguistics, phraseology, ethnolinguistics, and linguoculturology. Among them there are 13 fundamental monographs and textbooks. Ye.A. Selivanova’s books have got international acclaim, they are included to the catalogue of the Congress National Library in the USA, and are popular in the scientific societies of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Poland, Germany, the USA, Canada, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, etc. Ye.A. Selivanova’s contribution to the development of the native linguistics is registered by means of a separate article in the encyclopedic publication of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “The Ukrainian Language”. Ye.A. Selivanova’s scientific interests are focused on cognitive linguistics, text linguistics, theory of communication, onomasiology, grammar, phraseology, ethnolinguistics, and linguomethodology, etc.

Honor Titles and Rewards. In 1996 Selivanova, Ye.A. got the title “A-grade Educator of Ukraine”, in 2004 – honor title “Honorary Educator of Ukraine”. She is awarded with the certificates of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and the breast decoration “For Scientific Achievements”.

Membership in Specialized Boards for Thesis Presentation. Ye.A. Selivanova is a member of the specialized academic boards for thesis presentation – in the National University in Odessa. Besides, she was a member of the specialized board in the State University in Kherson and in the National University in Tavria.

Courses read by Ye.A. Selivanova. They are “Word Formation and Morphology of the Russian Language”, “Text Linguistics”, “Fundamentals of the Theory of Communication”, “Discourse Study”, “Crosscultural Communication”, “Applied Linguistics”, special courses “Acute Problems of Modern Linguistics”, “New Linguistic Theories”, “Ethnolinguistics”, “Cognitive Linguistics and Linguoconceptology”, etc. Ye.A. Selivanova was invited to lecture courses for students and postgraduate students of the National Linguistic University in Kiev, National University in Odessa, National University in Tavria, National University in Nikolayev, State Pedagogical University in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskij.

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